Way Forward

During the recent stakeholder engagement process, our stakeholders reflected that the “Ambitions 2030” plan we developed in the last reporting period was still valid. We therefore continued to review all the material aspects to determine our strategic goals and actions. With our plans and actions consolidated and reported under the four pillars, it will allow ourselves and our stakeholders to keep track of our performance in attaining the sustainability ambitions through to 2030.

Strategic Actions 2021 - 2030

“Harm-Free” Workplace - Enhance performance and realize “Vision Zero” via worker competence, risks identification, removal and reporting, new technologies and innovations.

Driving Safety - Commit to H&S of our drivers & the public via driving safety programmes, training, engineering & technology support for truck fleet safety management.

Young Talent Management - Improve talent management and support their growth via knowledge-based and innovation-led operations, tailored training and development plan.

Employee Engagement - Build strong bonds and equip them for future challenges via internal communication plan and employee consultation in change management.


Digital Transformation - Drive all-round improvement of operations via automation and upgrade of operation efficiency and HSE standards.

Green Products R&D - Seek breakthrough in carbon neutral concrete products via usage of cement substitutes and recycled materials.

Innovative Culture - Make innovation an integral part of company culture via internal innovation programs, encouraging creativity and setting up sharing platform.


Carbon Reduction - Drive carbon reduction via decarbonization target setting, energy efficiency enhancement, Scope 3 emissions disclosure and benchmarking.

Minimizing Product Impacts - Offer verified green products and support responsible purchase via product life cycle assessment, low carbon products development, Type III Environmental Product Declaration and carbon neutrality service.

Waste Management - Cut waste and enable a circular economy via process enhancement, advanced waste treatment and recycling, innovation and partnership

Water Footprint - Reduce water consumption and support “Clean Water & Sanitation” via water footprint quantification, targets setting, pollution control and best practice promotion.

Securing Rock Reserve - Maintain strong rock reserve and stable supply via local and imported material sources, advanced resources planning systems.

Responsible Sourcing - Push green practices within the supply chain via green initiatives partnership and CSR policy setting.


Good Neighbour Practices - Go beyond compliance and be recognised by the society via understanding the needs of communities, strict environmental protection and public safety practices.

Caring Partnerships - Build a better community via strategic partnership with NGOs and caring programmes for local communities or those in need.

Employee Volunteering - Foster a caring company culture via employee volunteering initiatives.